By now, most of the chickens have names.  Or rather, twelve names have been chosen.  However, only a handful of birds have actually been given names.  Those birds have also been banded, so we know who’s who.  I am waiting for Claire and Emma to make their choices before I name and band the rest.

I knew from the start that there would be a “Prissy”, because my sister requested that name and there should always be a Prissy in a flock of hens.  The name brings back memories of Looneytunes on Saturday mornings (as well as Saturday nights, once I realized that adulting wasn’t as much fun as childing).  She was the old spinster hen in love with Foghorn Leghorn.  And I can still hear her voice all these years later.  “Welllll…”  We’ll see which one acts most like a Prissy.  She will not be getting a rooster to fawn over though!

Ms Prissy looneytunes
Miss Prissy of Looneytunes fame.

Since there are six Golden Comets, at least one had to be named for an actual comet.  It was too easy to leap to Halley, so I did some research.  At two weeks, one bird was acting very much like the Mama Bird of the flock and always coming forward when I approached the brooder.  She had a well-defined “v” on her head so it wasn’t much of a leap to go from “Vee” to “Vaisala”, the name given the P40 comet discovered in 1939.  That search also led me to the name of German astronomer Caroline Lucretia Herschel.  So, there’s a Lucretia.  I was told that Lucretia is really a Latin name, so of course she had to have a girlfriend to hang out and gossip with.  Therefore, Shakira made the list.  Viasala wears a red band, Lucretia wears green, and Shakira has an orange one.  And there had to be a Henrietta, but I don’t know which bird she is yet.

Justin wanted to name one Donald (for the duck, not the dumbass).  I explained that they’re all girls, so he settled for Daisy.  His second choice was Leia.  He picked the two whitest birds, one Comet and one Egger, and we’ve banded them in white (Daisy on the left) and blue (Leia on the right).

Early on, my Bestie, Elle, asked for a “Nugget”.  My mom wanted “Loulou”.  Those two names will stick, but they haven’t found a bird yet.
Sheli wanted “Birdie”, who will be called Birdie Pruitt, of course.  You can’t have a Birdie without a Bernice, and her name has to be Bernice Matisse.  Birdie has a pink band but Bernice hasn’t been selected yet.
Mike, aka Coop Daddy, recently suggested we have a “Loretta”, and I’ve got my eye on which bird should have that name.

I guess it seems somewhat childish to name chickens.  But they all have personalities and they will be as much a part of our lives here as the dog is.  Not entirely pets, but more than just animals we keep.  They are so much fun to watch!

Since they’ve learned how to fly up to the top of the brooder, Mike agreed that a couple of higher roosts might help take the edge off until they can finally be moved to the bigger coop.  But, as he predicted, it simply gave them a higher starting point.  I found out just how easy we’d made it for them the morning after the new roosts were added.  As per my usual routine, I took the net off as soon as I went in to check on the birds.  I turned my back long enough to enter the kitchen and, when I turned back to pick up the waterers and feeders, I was greeted by a handful of chickens lining the top to the brooder.  One, unnamed to protect her bold little butt, even flew onto the counter.


We are closing fast on moving day.  It really can’t come soon enough.  The mini coop has been a great addition since it gives the girls time outside in the fresh air and grass.  It also allows us to turn off the air conditioner in the apartment and to let the room “air”.  I can’t wait to get the brooder out of there and clean that apartment!  I’ve been careful to disinfect as I go, but it’s still the temporary home for sixteen chickens and it smells like one.

Eventually, I will have photos of the individual birds.  But that will be after they’ve been relocated and have finished growing into their adult feathers.  And I’ll be putting their names on the coop somewhere.  I need to find the basin for their dust baths.  And we’ve got a bit more work to do to secure the coop and run.

All in due time, I suppose.

Birdie Pruitt
Bernice Matisse


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